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Study Spanish on the Road - One Week and Weekend Spanish Study Tours near Puerto Vallarta


Jean Hnytka - Your guide, Juanita, although born Canadian, has spent much of the last 23 years working and traveling throughout Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain. She worked in Mexico City in 1985, and has instructed languages in Yelapa since 1999. She has owned and operated Yelapa English Spanish Institute www.talkadventures.com since 2001. In addition, she's taught languages in Canada and Portugal , and worked in Canadian schools with children with learning difficulties.

Prior to teaching, she worked for 20+ years as a biologist and environmental planner in Canada and Mexico . She's inspired by indigenous cultures and nature, sees the beauty in simple things and takes pictures to remind herself of, and show friends, the treasures around us.

Her love of travel and Mexico led to the idea in 2007 of taking students traveling and applying their Spanish in the most exciting classroom ever – the real Mexico. Come experience the highlights and nuances of the culture on the Road!


Patzcuaro and Monarch Butterfly Tour, Feb 2010

“I still have very fond memories of Yelapa and our trip to the butterflies - I realize how fantastic it was having you as a tour guide and we did have a lot of fun.”

Maggie Loaney, Sydney , Australia


Mountain Trip to San Sebastian, Mascota, Navidad, Juanacatlan and Talpa de Allende, Feb 2009

“Juanita, reading your trip description brought back what fun we had. I didn't know then, but each day was to start with Juanita hacking those fruits into breakfast with her monster knife... eating with juice dripping down our arms.

Our hotel in San Sebastian, built around a courtyard, seemed so old. Even the door keys looked like they were forged individually over a century ago. They were spacious and lovely. San Sebastian was the first place I've ever been, and I've visited Mexico several times, where my Spanish was really the better option for communicating with store owners and people in restaurants.

The same was true in Real Alto (remember the cow laying in the road on the way there, the 85-year old woman who sold us homemade candy, the miraculous story of the arrival of the statue in the church there, too?), Mascota, and Navidad. That was SUCH a plus for me. In more touristy places, I'm shy with my Spanish and always let the natives "help" me by speaking English. Speaking my low-level Spanish and getting by was SO satisfying. .... Everything was an adventure. I honestly felt I was in a movie about Mexico several times.

I truly loved the bombing around in the mountains in an overcrowded van with the Chihuahua and Bulldog (the littler girls), my own girls and the other two women. The trip back was very bitter-sweet. The drive is breathtaking, and I didn't want to leave.

Oh, and there were language classes every day. And my language improved, at least two weeks worth (I'm a language teacher myself, and if one could conquer a language in two weeks, I'd be out of a job). More than that, my confidence in my ability to get by, even prosper, improved hugely. Forget therapy, go to the mountains with Juanita.
Thank you for everything. I hope it's not too syrupy. I honestly had that much fun.”

Debra Scott, daughters Isabel, Lily and Adele, Salt Lake City , Utah


Day of the Dead Trip to Pátzcuaro, on Lake Patzcuaro Jan 2009

“Both Elaine and I are filled with wonderful memories of a year ago.  Our time together really was one of the best of my life. I am putting together photocards and calendars of my pictures.  One of my favorites are of the woman and her daughters with the incredible pottery in the small town we visited after leaving Patzcuaro.“

Connie Copeland, Bellingham , Washington.



For further information please check www.talkadventures.com, write by email to: YESI@talkadventures.com or phone 1 800 884 5669 and leave a message or contact us in Yelapa, Mexico at 011 52 322 2095220

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Study Spanish at Yelapa English Spanish Institute (YESI) offers classes in Yelapa, Mexico designed for you to learn Spanish and speak Spanish quickly. Study near Puerto Vallarta , Mexico in small groups and at your level of learning. Spanish classes held outdoors run for 3 hours from Monday to Friday or do a Weekend Intensive. Learn Spanish in small grammar units, with vocabulary lessons daily to join them. With home stays or private accommodation and guided activities arranged.